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How to Become a More Creative Photographer

How to become a more creative photographer

Lauchlan Toal


Stop feeling uncreative for once and for all - here are some of the best strategies for learning to improve your creative process and step up your photography.

What's Going On?

Lauchlan Toal


Hey folks, just a heads ups about why there've been no posts lately and the future plans for the site.

Gear News Roundup - September 3-10

Lauchlan Toal


Here’s a quick summary of the latest gear news from the past week, featuring new Fujifilm and Rotolight announcements.

Tips for Photographing Birds - Regardless of Gear

Lauchlan Toal


Bird photography is one of those genres where you can’t go 10 minutes without reading about how useful that $10,000 lens is, and how important it is to have a camera that costs as much as a used car. But this article will focus on tips and techniques that work no matter what gear you use, and will allow you to capture great photos even with cheaper equipment.

Gear News Roundup - August 26 - September 2

Lauchlan Toal


Here’s a quick summary of the latest gear news from the past week - lots of new announcements this time.

The Ultimate Guide to Nikon Lens Technology

Lauchlan Toal


This guide will go through all of Nikon’s F-mount lens lines and naming conventions, for everyone who’s ever wondered what all the different letters on a lens means or what the difference between different lines are.


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